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Mr.Ghanesh Kumar.S.B. is a man with a vision and a dream to provide the best quality pooja Products into Indian pooja market which are made from pure and natural ingredients. He has 18 years of the experience in Design, Development, Production, R&D and Marketing in pooja products. He is the introducer of the concept of instant light charcoal Cup and Indonesia Sambrani in a single Packet for the entire Indian pooja market in 2003 and made it a grand Success.

In the year of 2013 he launched his various high quality pooja products through Sri Advaitha Products. Sri Advaitha Products is a Chennai based company headed by Mr. S.B.Ganesh kumar. This company is powered with a team of more than 50 trained Professionals who are well versed in manufacturing of Sri Advaitha products. All the products of Sri Advaitha have been a huge hit from the day one.

Mr.S.B.Ghanesh Kumar


All the Products of Sri Advaitha are marketed by Sri Advaitha Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd.


Board of Directors

  • Mr.S.B.Ghanesh Kumar
  • -Managing Director

  • Mrs.Lekshmi P Surendran
  • -Director

  • Mr.P.Vinoth Kumar
  • -Director

  • Mr.R.Viswanathan
  • -Director

  • Mrs.Arshiya Nowsheen
  • -Director

  • Mr.Rajesh Padmanaban
  • -Director





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