Sri Advaitha Benzoin Powder is made from 100% Pure Benzoin . Benzoin Resin is an extraxt from Styrax tree and it is further process to form the Benzoin Powder. ​ Benzoin powder when sprinkled on red hot charcoal gives white fumes and a pleasant fragrance . It cleanses the surroundings and creates a soothing atmosphere. It is good for babies ,has health benefits and is also good for hair. Sprinkling sambrani on hot charcoal is an age-old tradition in India but finding good quality charcoal is very important. Since the fumes are distributed to the whole area and is inhaled , it is important to buy good quality sambrani to expereince the varied health benefits it offers and also to stay safe and away from harmful chemicals.

Sri Advaitha BENZOIN POWDER is sold in retail stores across India and also on Amazon India


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